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We wouldn’t be “something new” if we did things like everybody else. Rather than taking on projects, we take on partners. We don't practice collaboration as outsiders – your goals become our goals. We embed ourselves into your organization and work closely with company leadership to set immediate and long-term objectives that we work toward together.

We put critical thinking at the center of creativity. After years of working on mega brands and top agencies, we’ve gained serious expertise spanning specialties and sectors. Bringing fresh eyes and fresh ideas to your brand that can take many forms – from business strategy, positioning, and brand design to full funnel marketing campaigns.

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  • 26% Lift in brand awareness 57% in brand trust 20,218,211+ completed video views 
  • 45% Decrease in CPM 18% lift in information seek 400% lift in first choice with OOH 
  • 2×lift in e-commerce sales 40% increase in SEO traffic 1.5× improvement in web performance 

By building a tight relationship with our partners, we create better results. We make an impact on complicated, sticky problems — the ones that make your brain hurt. Reaching success with a goal-focused design process that incorporates analytics data, A/B tests, and a combination of different feedback channels to validate decisions.


If we’re working together, it means we’re believers. We believe in you, in your brand, and we want to make big things happen. We are your teammates, your biggest fans, and your brand ambassadors.

We’re lucky that our partners feel the same about us.

We founded Oscar with an ambitious mission: to make health care easier and more simple for consumers. Something New was able to jump in and work with us as a real partner in communicating our vision for technology-driven health care to a broad consumer audience.
Mario Schlosser, CEO and Co-Founder of Oscar Health

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